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Hearst 8×10 Contest Announces Winners

The Hearst Foundation announced the winners of their biennial 8×10 photography competetion.  The contest is geared toward showcasing young and emerging talent in photography and is only open to students, professionals and freelances between the ages of 18 and 35.

The competition has eight winners and 10 judges who come from a variety of backgrounds in photography including photojournalism and art photography.  Below is a list of the winners with links to their websites.

For more info on the competition and its winners click here.


Nicholas Mendise

Devin Tepleski

Christoph Engel

Jonathan Smith

Gareth Kingdon

Victor Yuliev

Rena Effendi

Thomas Stanworth



Urban Photographer of the Year Competition

CB Richard Ellis, a Los Angeles based global real-estate company, announced its third annual Urban Photographer of the Year Competition.  The contest is only open to residents of the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and calls for entries showcasing urban life in those areas. 

Photographers can submit up to 24 photos from any city within the designated regions, but each photo must be taken within a different hour of the day meaning the entrant can submit 24-hours worth of photos.

Three overall winners will be announced with a photo safari to Turkey as the grand-prize.  Winners will also be announced for each of the hourly categories with prizes ranging from sofware to camera bags.  The competition is open to professional or amateur photographers who are 16 or older.

For more information click here.

Photographer Sues Texas for Infringement

The San Antonio Times reported Monday that photographer David K. Langford is suing the state of Texas for a silhouette running in the back of vehicle inspection stickers across the state.  Over 4.5 million of the stickers have been produced and, according to Langford, resemble a photo of a coyboy that he took in 1984.

Langford is calling for a cease and desist order against the Department of Public Safety from continued production of the stickers.  The image was pulled from a wildlife magazine by prison inmates who were making the stickers.

The photographer wants the stickers to stop being made and for the Department of Public Safety to pay damages.

Fotoweek D.C. Kicks Off Friday

Fotoweek D.C. started in 2008 as a city-based photo exhibit.  It has now evolved to a large photography festival with nationwide, and even international, draw.  The event includes projections of photos on buildings throughout the city as well as exhibitions, lectures and several workshops.

Past years the festival has garnered thousands of fans and this year’s is expected to be no different with big events.  Weeklong exhibitions will include several exhibitions hosted by the National Geographic Society, the Sweedish Embassy and several others.

Photographers can also have their portfolios reviewed by professionals and had the opportunity to participate in an international competition.  The competition included 13 different categories ranging from art photography to photojournalism.  There was even a category for mobile phone pictures.

Getty Images Signs Deal With French Photo Agencies

Getty Images, a stock photography company based in the U.S., gain distribution rights to over 750,000 images after signing a deal with the French photo agencies Gamma and Keystone known today as Eyedea.  The photos focus on life in Europe from the late 20’s until now.

Getty Images

Most of the photos were taken and France.  Key events included in the collection today are photos from the Algerian war and the Belle Epoch.  These two agenciesare of the most prestigious in France with more than 10 million  images in their systems.

“We are delighted to be working alongside Gamma and Keystone-France, two of the greatest brand names in photojournalism from the past 40 years,” said Adrian Murrell the Senior Vice President of Getty Images told Fast Media Magazine. “The addition of this collection is a perfect complement to our existing editorial content and brings greater depth to our European archives, especially when combined with the tremendous historical value of Keystone France. We look forward to sharing this great work with our customers.”

The photos can be viewed on Getty Images’ website.



Carolyn Drake: “Paradise Rivers”

After three years of traveling in the former soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Krygzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan photojournalist Carolyn Drake put together a project, called “Paradise Rivers,” showing the true heart of Central Asia free of soviet stereotypes.

“There are not any obvious stereotypes,” Drake told The New York Times. “You can find kind of archetypal Soviet things there. But there is also this influence of Islam.  And it’s very close to China.”

Rather than focusing on common U.S. perceptions of the area Drake says her photos reinforce the themes of the environment, politics, culture and change.  She started the project after visiting the region and discovered her desire to explore how the Soviet Union had treated Muslims.  Eventually she decided to explore the deeper themes in the entire region.

Drake’s photos are currently being displayed in the Women in Photography online photo gallery.


Photojournalist Joao Silva Wounded by Mine in Afghanistan

Joao Silva, a photographer for the New York Times, sustained severe injuries Saturday when a mine exploded directly underneath him.  Silva lost parts of both of his legs and had several other injuries.  He was airlifted from Afghanistan to a hospital in Germany where he is being treated.

Remarkably, Silva continued taking pictures after the land mine exploded until medics were able to reach him, which was seconds following the blast.  He underwent emergency surgery in Afghanistan before being transfered to Germany.

Silva has worked for a number of important photo agencies and newspapers.  He is an experienced war photographer with experience in Iraq as well as Afghanistan.