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Photographers Cover Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

More than 900 people have died in a cholera epidemic that is currently sweeping Haiti.  The wave of sickness comes to Haiti following the devastating earthquake that struck late last year.  Some of the best photojournalists have flocked to the country to cover yet another catastrophe in the disaster-ridden nation.

Los Angeles Times photographer Rick Loomis was one of get to Haiti and released a photo audio slideshow soon after his arrival.  The slideshow explains Loomis’s experience in Haiti and his encounter with a two- year-old boy who died of cholera.

Also on the scene is the National Press Photographer’s Association’s Photographer of the Year Emilio Morenatti on his first disaster assignment since  the loss of his left foot while on assignment in Afghanistan last August.    According to Morenatti’s employer, The Associated Press, Morenatti called asking for the Haiti assignment to get back in the swing of things.

Morenatti’s return to disaster photography comes in a wake of photojournalist injuries most notably that of Joao Silva who was more seriously wounded in Afghanistan.


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