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Kodachrome Processing Hault Announced

Kodak’s Kodachrome Slidefilm has been a long time favorite of photographers looking to add some interesting color to their prints, but after this year there will be no more new photos made from the film.  Kodak announced the discontinuation of the film and all processing of the film stopped save for one.

Today Kodak announced that the last Kodachrome processor, Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas City, Missouri, will stop processing Kodachrome as of December 30 of this year.  The processing hault comes after 75 years of Kodachrome’s use in color photography.

While Kodachrome sales have dropped significantly over the past few years, in its hey-day it was the first commercially succesful brand of color film.  The film was later made famous by photojournalist Steve McCurry who used it to shoot perhaps the most recognizable photograph ever run by National GeographicAfghan Girl.

For the full story click here.


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