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Getty Images Signs Deal With French Photo Agencies

Getty Images, a stock photography company based in the U.S., gain distribution rights to over 750,000 images after signing a deal with the French photo agencies Gamma and Keystone known today as Eyedea.  The photos focus on life in Europe from the late 20’s until now.

Getty Images

Most of the photos were taken and France.  Key events included in the collection today are photos from the Algerian war and the Belle Epoch.  These two agenciesare of the most prestigious in France with more than 10 million  images in their systems.

“We are delighted to be working alongside Gamma and Keystone-France, two of the greatest brand names in photojournalism from the past 40 years,” said Adrian Murrell the Senior Vice President of Getty Images told Fast Media Magazine. “The addition of this collection is a perfect complement to our existing editorial content and brings greater depth to our European archives, especially when combined with the tremendous historical value of Keystone France. We look forward to sharing this great work with our customers.”

The photos can be viewed on Getty Images’ website.




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