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Photokina 2010 goes out with a bang

The world’s largest photography trade fair, photokina in Cologne, Germany, closed out Sunday with a few big announcements.

Photo enthusiasts were taken by surprise with the announcement of the Fujifilm X-100, which is being marketed as a high-end compact camera for professionals.  The camera is intended for DSLR users who need a smaller camera to carry with them on a regular basis.

Photokina Logo

Sigma also made an unanticipated announcement with the release of their new high-end DSLR, the SD-1.  The camera packs a whopping 46 megapixels, and Sigma claims its three-layer sensor can fully capture all of the primary colors.  Sigma claims they are working on a full-frame version of the sensor, which implies an unprecidented move by the company toward the world of professional cameras.

Nikon also expanded on their previous announcement of the D7000, news of which was officially released a week prior to the trade show.  The new DSLR boasts high ISO ranges and is Nikon’s first non-professional camera to feature 16 megapixels.  The D7000 also features HD video.

The British Journal of Photography did a full review of Photokina 2010.


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