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Ten Great Photojournalism Websites

The following websites are well known for their photo essays or photo news sections.  I will likely be referring to these sites often during my web curation.

Photo District News: This is the website for the photo magazine Photo District News.  Not all of the news on this site is related to photojournalism, a great deal of it has to do with art photography.  Regardless, the news section reports on any big news within the photojournalism industry.

Burn Magazine: This was created by a photographer from one of the largest photojournalism angencies in the world, Magnum.  This online magazine is a photoblog for emerging photojournalists.  It puts up the best photo stories by people just starting out in the industry.

5b4: This website reviews new photography books.  Many of the books reviewed are more artsy than journalistic, but they review photojournalistic books as well.  This is a great source for when a new book hits the shelves.

aphotoeditor: This blog is an inside look at the photojournalism industry from a professional.  It is primarily a reference site, but it also offers up-to-date news regarding the industry.

Great Photojournalism: This website is essentially a news feed related to news about photojournalism.  It keeps tabs on everything from awards to confrences.

Magnum Photos: While there is not a whole lot of news on this website, Magnum is one of the best photo agencies in the world.  It is worth keeping up with their website for new stories and any new snippets of information from the agency.

Visual Student: This is a blog associated with the National Press Photographer’s Association.  This blog has interviews with industry leaders as well as general news about photojournalism.

National Press Photographer’s Association:  This organization is the primary group for photojournalists and videographers.  The website provides up-to-date news for photojournalists about upcoming events, competitions and more.

Gizmodo: This is one of the web’s most popular technology blogs.  The blog is not, by any means, entirely geared toward photography, but they do post new news on photo gadgets and equipment.

New York Times Lens: This is the New York Time’s photo blog.  They post some great photo stories posted on it from all around the world.


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